Start of Classes : September 14, 2020
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August 2020
20 Grade 7 Parents Orientation* (8-10am)
  with Grade 7 Advisers & Mrs. Vivien Riano
  Senior High Parents Orientation* (8-10am)
  with Senior High Advisers & Ms. Merlyn Eligio
  Grade 9 Parents Orientation* (10am-12nn)
  with Grade 9 Advisers
22 Grade 7 Students Orientation* (8am-12nn)
  Advisory Class
  Grade 8 Parents Orientation* (8-10am)
  with Grade 8 Advisers
  Grade 10 Parents Orientation* (10am-12nn)
  with Grade 10 Advisers
  *online meeting via Google Meet
September 2020
14 Start of Classes
14-15 Schedule for Day 1 & Day 2
  1st and 2nd periods with the adviser
  3rd period and onwards with the subject teachers
16 Regular class schedule with all subject teachers
  1. Please have the following information ready before accomplishing the online form: 
    Grade level for SY 2020-2021 
    Learner Reference  Number (LRN is a unique number given by DepEd, you can find this on the top portion of the student's report card or Form 138) 
    Complete Name of Student (First Middle
    Last Name)
    Birthday, Place of Birth, Age, Gender 
    Complete Address 
    Mobile Number / Landline  Number
    g. Email address 
    h. Father’s Complete  Name and Contact Number 
    i. Mother’s Complete  Name and Contact Number 
    j. Guardians  Complete  Name and Contact Number 
  2. Click on this link (tuition fee matrix) to view the tuition fee matrix. You may pay your fees to QCAFI BDO Acct No. 000678048269. 
  3. Take a CLEAR PHOTO or scan your payment slip/bank receipt.  
  4. Go to this link and fill out the Online Enrollment Form.

Additional Requirements for INCOMING GRADE 7 & TRANSFEREES

  • Submit the following at the registrar’s office when restrictions have been lifted:  
    Original copy of F-138 (w/ principal’s signature)  
    Original copy of diploma or original copy of F-137 (if there’s any) 
    Certificate of good moral character 
    Clearance (with principal’s or guidance counselor’s signature) 
    Two (2) original PSA birth certificate 
    Two (2)1x1 ID pictures 
Important: Student must NOT be a fraternity member 
Sectioning is first-come, first-served basis except for the cream section students.